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Move Over Roses, 5 Alternative Love Flowers

When you cannot celebrate the Valentines's Day with your partner, why not sending her a full of romantic flower delivery to shows your love. If the thought of ordering a dozen roses for your sweet heart feels routine and cliche, try adding some new bloom to your romantic repertoire. With many exotic flowers available in February, you simply can't go wrong by choosing some colourful alternative love flowers.


If your sweetheart loves simple wildflowers, go with the sweet and demure white and yellow Shasta Daisy for Valentine's Day. When bundled together with a rustic string of raffia ribbon and a hand-written card, your valentine will know how much you care. If you prefer a more colorful option, try an altered version of the simple flower for a perfect Valentine's Day option. Daisies come dyed in any hue imaginable, including lime green and hot pink. Custom design a bouquet in your sweetheart's favorite colors for the ultimate in personalized gifting.


When talking about flower delivery, most people thinking of hand bouquet at first. If you hate the thought of your Valentine's Day bouquet wilting before the end of February, consider surprising your sweetheart with a live orchid plant. Available in a rainbow of colors, orchids in deep burgundy, lavender, red and pink will make your valentine blush with excitement. This slender plant fits well in an office environment or adds a vibrant splash of color to the center of a dining room table.

Calla Lilies

When presented alone or mixed with miniature carnations, it evoke a sense of pure romance. Give the popular bridal bouquet flower for a Valentine's Day date that will end with a marriage proposal. Traditional calla lilies boast white petals with a subtle yellow center and a sturdy green stalk. During holidays expect to find the elegant flower in soft pink, tangerine and burgundy hues. Fresh cut calla lilies will last five to seven days.


A mixture of the oversized, cascading blooms of spider mums (also knowns as Chrysanthemum), fluffy pom-pom mums and tiny button mums create a beautiful cut bouquet for Valentine's Day. This long-lasting flower type is available in both solid colors or multi-colored blooms. Look for mums in lavender and burgundy hues as an alternative to the traditional red and pink colors featured for Valentine's Day.


Available in petite or grand varieties, a bunch of yellow and orange sunflowers add a warm, spring-like feel to the winter holiday. This refreshing flower is a perfect choice for a couples first Valentine's Day celebration or for a child to present to their mother. A cut bouquet of sunflowers will last up to one week when given fresh flower food and a daily water change.

With a wide variety of flowers available in February, why not give the rose a rest. Any floral arrangement lovingly chosen or customized for Valentine's Day will let your sweetheart know how much you care. 

It is also a friendly reminder that, the 14/2 almost the most busy day for all florists in Melbourne, if you need a flower delivery Melbourne, prepare an advance order is the best way to avoid any chance of the delivery delay.


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