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Why Cronuts Make the Perfect Gift in Melbourne

Donuts have been found to be around since ancient times, however the creation of the modern version of the beloved breakfast pastry came about in 1847. It was in that year that an American named Hanson Gregory created the holed version of it. Earlier versions without holes were a bit on the greasy side and sometimes gave way to centres of uncooked dough, a most unpleasant surprise.


Around ten years earlier, on the other side of the globe, the croissant was born in Paris, France. However, it was created by an Austrian artillery officer. Still, it’s most notably associated with France. What’s utterly fascinating though is that it took over 165 years before someone had the brilliant idea to marry a donut with a croissant.


The cronut, as it is aptly named, is the delightful merger of these two perfect breakfast pastries. A light an airy beauty of a croissant combined with the sweet seductiveness of the donut. It’s a match made in heaven, one that from the outside, looks like a donut. The inside has that beautiful croissant texture, filled with a rich creamy filling and then fried in grapeseed oil.


The year was 2013 when the brains behind the cronut, famed New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel revealed this heavenly creation to New Yorkers at his own bakery, Ansel’s Bakery. It was propelled into instant stardom thanks to a blogger from New York magazine who reported about it. Within days, the Soho streets were lined with people waiting to try the cronut. A pastry star was born!


But it didn’t stop there. The popularity of the cronut went viral and suddenly, copycat versions of it popped up everywhere, spreading all over the world. And yes, thankfully, it spread to Australia too, where cronuts have come to be as adored as all the other breakfast pastries, perhaps even more so.


Why Cronuts Make People Happy

The cronut is the best of both worlds. It has the flakiness of a croissant with the charm of a donut. You can find them cream filled or rolled in sugar. They are extraordinary pastries. If you showed up to work with a box of them, everyone would be thrilled. Bring them home for your family and you’ll get the same response.


Cronuts elicit such a marvellous response because they’re familiar yet novel. With the rise of foodie culture over the last decade or so, people are more and more excited with foods that shatter our previous notions and bring about a new creation. It’s all the more exciting for someone that hasn’t yet had a cronut. It comes bearing great notoriety with it, one that makes people feel like they know it already before their first bite. It’s always anticipated with delight, because let’s be honest, how could something that’s part croissant and part donut taste bad?


Even if someone is going through a tough time, cronuts can lend a bit of happiness to their day. It’s a thoughtful gesture to present someone with cronuts. It could be for a celebration too. Is someone having a baby? Did they just get engaged? Is it their birthday? Why not celebrate with something special like cronuts?


Send Them Cronuts in Melbourne

Cronuts can turn any day from dreary to cheery. But now you don’t have to go hustle to find some and bring them to the person you want to delight. You can order them to be delivered! Laura Florist & Gift in Melbourne is now offering the chance to spread cheer to all the people you know and love by sending them -Cronut Bouquet Hamper Box Set.


Why cronuts? They make an excellent addition to accompany any fresh and gorgeous bouquet. Our flowers arrangements are certainly beautiful but having a cronut sent along (or even a boxful!) is an added treat that will surely surprise.


Do you know someone that loves flowers but can’t be around them? Then let us deliver cronuts to them instead to say what you want to say whether it’s “Congratulations” , “I’m sorry” , “Happy birthday” , “Happy anniversary” , or anything else. We can’t think of any occasion where sending cronuts along would be a bad idea.


Now you don’t need to worry about what to get someone for the next special occasion. Have cronuts delivered to their door with zero fuss. Or have cronuts accompany a stunning floral arrangement for an extraordinary surprise they’ll be sure to love!


How to Get Your Cronuts Going

Ready to make someone’s day amazing? Then let us know when you’re ordering how many cronuts you’d like to send to your Mum, your sister, your husband, your brother, your best friend, your co-worker, or anyone else you’d like. Send just the cronuts or send them with an arrangement of your choosing.


Our edible flower gift selections are versatile and flexible so you can find the ideal combination for anyone on your list. If you always have trouble shopping for gifts or you have someone on your list that truly has everything, send them cronuts because it’s the kind of gift that brings smiles along with it. And really, isn’t that the whole point of sending a gift to someone anyway? Let us take care of all the tough stuff like getting it there on time and making it picture-perfect. Just order and your cronuts and flowers will be on the way to someone who is sure to be a happy recipient!


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