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Roses are considered the flower of love to give or receive. Over the years, the most beautiful flowers meaning has been ascribed to different colours and variety of Roses, the colour you choose can send a more specific message. 

Sending roses is a wonderful way to tell people that they are in your heart. A bunch of fresh Melbourne Roses coupled with our warm service delivery equates the satisfaction you want for your loved ones.

Laura Florist and Gifts, offers you the top quality Premium Roses, Long Stemmed Roses, Black Roses, Rainbow Roses. Our roses are picked on a daily basis from local farm or wholesaler to make you experience that beauty in nature which is from the freshness. Our florists create your roses gift in hand bouquet, arrangement in vase, or roses in-a-box. 

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The language of Roses 

  • Red Roses - Red is the most popular color for roses sent to loved ones, and that's because red roses are a classic symbol of romantic love.
  • Yellow Roses - Gorgeous yellow roses represent true and deep friendship. They can also be used as an apology.
  • Orange Roses - Send orange roses when you want communicate your desire. These passionate roses are an aphrodisiac and should be accompanied by plenty of kisses.
  • Pink Roses - A pink rose is representative of sweetness, grace and faith. Choose pink roses for a christening or other religious ceremony. A bouquet of pink roses is also appropriate for congratulation.
  • White Roses - White or ivory colored roses symbolize innocence and purity. They are a popular choice for weddings or for the funeral of someone who is gone.
  • Black Roses - Black roses are especially favored by people who like to be unusual. They also represent new beginnings and rejuvenation, when you want to start a relationship anew.