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Privacy & Security Policy

We value your privacy, we will never lease, rent or sell your private information. Ever.

We ask for personal information such as email and phone numbers to ensure that we can deliver a better service for both you and your recipient

What we ask for and why

Your email address

This is used to provide an order receipt and in case we need to contact you if we experience difficulties fulfilling your order and cannot reach you by phone.

Your phone number

We use this to contact you in case of problems with your order such as delivery issues, or substantial flower substitution.

Recipient's name and address

A correct delivery address is vital to ensuring prompt delivery of the flowers you have ordered. Please ensure that you supply the correct address, and if there are any special instructions, please include them in the provided field, generally the more relevant information you can give us the more likely your gift will arrive in a timely manner without problems.

How we collect it

When you place an order on our website you enter the relevant details needed for delivery, such as your recipients name and address etc. along with your contact details. We then make use of these details for efficient delivery of your gift. That's it!


This website uses the following cookies to assist with our marketing efforts and to enable a streamlined website experience.

Laura Florist and Gifts. This stores information related to your shopping cart. It allows the website to keep track of the items in your cart as you move from page to page so that when you are ready to check out the site knows which items you would like to purchase. This cookie has no personally identifiable information stored in it and is used only to assist with the smooth functioning of the website.

Google Analytics. This cookie allows us to see basic information on user activities such as page views and time spent on our website. It has no personally identifiable information stored and is displayed only as numbers, meaning it cannot be tracked back to any individual user. Using Google Analytics helps us to see which pages are most popular so we can improve our service and bring customers more of what they are looking for.

Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords code we are able to view numbers relating to our advertising so that we can effectively show ads to people who are most likely to want our services. This allows us to measure our marketing budgets and shows us which marketing works and which doesn't. All data is converted to numbers (number of visitors, number of ad clicks etc.) no personally identifiable information is visible to us at any time.

Google provides us with basic demographic information in a generalised manner, such as age, gender and interests. This is not personally identifiable as it is merged together to show broad groups and ranges. This information allows us to be more informed about who our main customers are and how we can tailor offers to those customers - for example, if our visitors where mainly 35 - 50 years or age and mostly male, we would tailor our gifts quite differently to if our visitors where 20 - 35 and mostly female.


When you enter your information, such as on the checkout page, your details (including your payment method) are encrypted and securely transmitted using 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

We do not store your credit card details in any way, they are secured using 256-bit SSL encryption and transmitted to our payment processing provider.